Spicy checkout automations that changed the way on how sneaker botters were used to run chrome extensions
52€ initial then 26€ month

Blazing fast

Different modes for our supported sites will ensure the fastest checkout speeds in any situation.

Clean Design

The guided user interface of PepperScripts is all about usability and avoiding user-setup-errors. Sometimes less is more - you will see!

Easy to use

The plug'n'play updater for Windows and macOS will ensure a very convenient user experience without having to worry about file management

All in one dashboard

The neatly designed all-in-one dashboard with automatic data synchronization across multiple-instances allows you to manage all of your checkouts, accounts and profiles. Especially our profile management is packed with features that will make your life a lot easier.

Command Line Interface

The CLI enables you to use multiple-instances of PepperScripts with ease. It comes packed with a lot of tools that will allow you to scale your success to the next level - mirroring links to all your instances, automatic captcha preharvesting, AYCD Autosolve integration and more. Use these features the right way and your PepperScripts experience will be closer to a real bot than a Chrome extension.